About The Organization

The First Supper Symposium is a collaborative feminist art project, founded by artists Gidsken Braadlie and Lisa Pacini in Oslo in 2012.

It started up in 2012 in order to celebrate the one hundred year anniversary for women’s right to vote in Norway. The feminist icon and world renowned artist Judy Chicago was one of our guests.  The main theme for the event was gender equality: Where do female artists stand in the art world 100 years after the introduction of womens suffrage? To what extent are women underrepresented compared to men in public and private collections, art history and the commercial market? Why don’t female philanthropists collect art made by women to the same degree as art made by men? What kinds of aspects are important when you buy art besides artistic quality?

The main purpose for the symposium is to make room for female artists in the art world.

The parole is: Equal space, equal rights.



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