Video Age-ism

AGEISM symposium

Day 1, 8. May 2022


Siri og Snelle: Snelle Hall, Siri Jøntvedt, dancers

Ashton Applewhite, Author of the book "This Chair Rocks"

Esra Duzen, performanceartist

Pensjonistforbundet (The Pensioners' Association)

Mark Knell, professor economist and researcher

Verdensrommet, performanceartists (Outer Space)

Terje Schrøder, moderator, dragartist




First Supper Symposium and models 3 places in Oslo 30. april 2022. 

Photo: Lundby Film


Production of banner for Russebuss

by Christopher Nielsen and Ridder, time laps

Photo: Lundby film


Catwalk 30. May 2021

by Katharina Barbosa Blad and FSS, 5 min 36 sec

Photo: Morten Minoti Kristiansen



Performance day 13. June 2022, 2 min 22 sec


Ali Djabbary, performance with sculpture and participations from the publi

Eivind Reiersrud og Aurora Sandlilje, consert in a tent

Christian Blandhoel og Lillen Rojhan Dahl, performance and painting

Morten Maniac Narverud / Mr Orkester Sebastian Uul, consert and performance

Sandra Irina Hillestad, installation 

Tindran Maire, performance

Oscar Lazaro Regueiferos Videau, cuban song

Kjetil Skøien, performance

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