Video from Prologue 2

Introduction with the Sami ritual conducted by shaman Eirik Myrhaug

Eirik Myrhaug gave the talk The engineer, the activist and the shaman

QA Eirik Myrhaug

Center of Political Beauty, Yasser Almaamoun. activist and architect.

QA Yasser Almaamoun

The Yes Men, Mike Bonanno

QA Mike Bonanno

National Apology, by Pia Maria Roll and Marius von der Fehr

QA Marius von der Fehr

Deep Dish TV, Brian Drolet


QA Brian Drolet


Shannon Jackson, Cyrus and Michelle Hadidi Chair in the Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley, where she is Professor of Rhetoric and of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies.

QA Shannon Jackson

Mediaimpact, Mediaudar, with Tania Volkova, Pavel Mitenko, Make

QA Mediaimpact, Mediaudar, with Tania Volkova, Pavel Mitenko, Make


Ekaterina Sharova, art histrisn and curator

QA Ekaterina Sharova

Ending ceremony by shaman Eirik Myrhaug

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